Yes, I Found Sex

But it wasn’t on Hislut

After spending more time than you could even imagine on other adult dating sites, I found myself lonely. I had been married for 23 years, raised 4 kids and lived the life of “dad” for a long long time. Going back to the single life definitely produced a lot of challenges I was not expecting. One of them was where I could find women for sex. One of the first sites I heard about was HiSlut and then I saw a video with an ad.

I guess I thought it was a sign or something? Anyways, I gave it a shot. I typed hislut into my browser and there were hot chicks everywhere that wanted to meet me. I should have been a little more skeptical of all of these “horny” women wanting to meet me before I even had a profile picture up.

You see, back in the day this is how girls would actually approach me. I was the quarterback and I dated all the cheerleaders. By “dated” I mean, I messed around with every single one of them. They would throw themselves at me.

Then one fateful day, long before I was perusing Hislut for a date, my future wife came up and started making fun of me. This was literally the first person ever to make fun of me. I didn’t have much to make fun of. I had a big johnson, a full head of hair, I was a straight A student, and I lead our team to state the previous year. (boy, how things can change. I think my johnson even shrunk but that’s another story for another day)

So, we were on the football field the day of homecoming and she was cheering for our rival team. They were all dirty players and I thought she was trying to get in my head when before the game she came up to me and told me I looked like Chunk from The Goonies. I was shocked that a girl would talk to me like this.

Throughout the whole game she kept spewing insults in my direction. I was getting so annoyed by the end of the game, I finally flipped out. She single-handedly won the game for them. It was so frustrating that I went up to her and asked what her deal was and why she would say all that junk. She just smiled, grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek. The with a coy smile she handed me her number and I was done. She had me hook, line and sinker.

So we dating throughout college and eventually got married. Within a few years, I started losing my hair and most of my ambition too. I got fat and very content. It wasn’t long before she was sneaking out at night and wasn’t long after that I wasn’t even caring. By the time the kids were in elementary school, we were already leading two totally separate lives.

I started thinking about sites like ashley madison back then but never acted on anything. I owed it to my kids to stick it out until they graduated high school. Once the last one graduated, I was ready to tackle the field.

In fact, I started working out religiously that last couple years of our marriage. It helped me to relieve some stress, but really I was getting myself back in shape for the open market. You see, I never really did play the field. We were so young when we started dating that I never really had sex with a lot of other girls. I mean sure, I kissed a lot of them, but back then girls didn’t have sex on the first date. That stuff didn’t really happen until college. I missed out on all of the fun.

So what’s my final conclusion on the site?

You can get laid if you are really diligent, I think. You need to be smart and proactive. Get a profile started and then be the one to actively message other women. If you decide to be passive and respond to the fake messages you get, then you will never get anywhere. Those girls aren’t real and they are just looking to get you in to a more expensive membership.

It’s not like every guy will find sex online. You have to be good looking or have some qualities that attract other girls to you. I am pretty good looking still to this day and that’s my thing. If you aren’t, then you should be smart (rich), funny, in shape, or have something unique to offer. If you have all of those things and are willing to write a ton of messages to girls you like, then you will be ok. You probably won’t find a chick to bring home to momma, and you probably won’t tell her where you met her but it will be fun.


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